Shuihui Garden

Shuihui Garden is located as the northeast part of the downtown of Rugao County, and it originally was established in Ming dynasty by the local people Mao Yiguan. After four-generation handing down, Mao Pijiang reconstructed and refined this garden. Eventually it became the show of the ideal picture and world in accordance with the talent of Mr. Mao. In 2001, as the ancient architecture of Qing dynasty, Shuihui Garden was ranked the fifth batch of cultural relic sites under the nation-class protection.

Wolf Mountain

Wolf Mountain is located in south area of Nantong. Now it is formally called Wolf-Mountain Scenic Area. Five peaks are standing with the facing the rivers. On the mountain, there are 43 ancient architectures, 8 ancient tombs 23 inscription stones and 13 ancient caves. The tourist resources are very rich. Wolf mountain is one of the famous eight little Buddhist Mountains. There are Army Peak and Sword Peak which are said to be the place of Emperor Shihuang stationed the army and made swords. There is also a themed Museum highlighted by water technology, which it is the top selection of ecological tour and water cultural tour.

Nantong Museum

Nantong museum is located at the riverside of Haohe River(濠河. Nantong Museum was fabricated by Zhang Jian(张謇, 1853——1926,Chinese modern industrialist, educationist, and the first place winner of Imperial Exam in late Qing dynasty, and he claimed the slogan of Saving China via Industry. He created more than 20 factories and more than 370 schools. He did great contributions to China’s development of modern national industry and education. He was crowned to be the industrialist titled Number One Scholar).

Haohe River

Haohe River is around the old district of Nantong and well reputed as the “Jade Necklace” of Nantong city. In the ancient times, it played the important role of being the city moat. Until now, Haohe River is going through thousands of years and becomes one of the four well-preserved ancient city moats in China (The other three are in Beijing, Xian and Nanjing).
Location:The ferry pier in Yiyuan Garden(怡园) is planned to relocate to the north of TV tower in Renmin Road(人民路).